Recycle My Cell Phone


How We Recycle Your Mobile Device

We responsibly recycle your device

Recycling your device with Recycle My Cell Phone means you don't have to worry that it will be sent overseas or into landfills.

Cell phones contain toxic metals that can pollute the environment and threaten human health. When recycled responsibly, the metals in electronic devices can be put back into circulation, decreasing the need for new metal mining. Right now, only 10% of old cell phones are recycled.

To ensure environmentally safe recycling of the devices we collect, Recycle My Cell Phone partners with MPC, one of the biggest, long-established electronic waste recyclers in the United States. Last year alone our recycler, MPC, recycled more than 60 million pounds of electronic waste, keeping all of it out of landfills and away from waterways.

About our recycler

MPC is an innovative IT asset disposition business that is setting the standard for 100% zero-landfill electronics recycling and data security. For almost 30 years, MPC has helped clients maximize value, meet sustainability initiatives and mitigate risk in how they manage IT assets, electronics and other equipment. MPC is based in Minneapolis, MN with a satellite facility in Philadelphia, PA.


MPC proudly holds R2, e-Steward, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certifications and is a member of NAID.


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