Recycle My Cell Phone


Host a Recycling Drive

Don’t just recycle your old phone - why not host a drive to collect phones from your friends, neighbors and colleagues?

If you collect 25 or more phones postage is free!

Starting a drive is fast, easy and rewarding. We will provide you with sample e-mails you can send to colleagues and friends, posters and stickers to help raise awareness and the support you need to build your drive.

Ways to Get Involved

We accept all makes and models of cell phones. The age or condition of a phone is not important!

Please do not include any other items in your shipments, such as chargers or cases. To responsibly recycle cell phone chargers and other e-waste we recommend contacting your local Staples retail store.

If you collect at least 20 phones you will be eligible for free shipping to our recycling partner, MPC.

MPC has locations in Philadelphia, PA, and Minneapolis, MN, and has been a leading electronics recycler for 30 years. They hold e-Steward, R2 and NAID certificates, along with many other relevant environmental and information safety certificates. We ensure that no part of your cell phone will ever enter a landfill and that your personal information will be destroyed.

When you are ready to ship, please contact us for further instructions.

Thank you for helping us reach our goal of recycling 1,000 phones in 2013!

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